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Popular Misconceptions

It is common knowledge that appearances are deceptive. Practically everybody has met at least someone whose character and appearance differ radically.

When one sees a tall and broad-shouldered man, one expects him to be strong-willed and brave. One thinks: “A model to follow!” How often a hunky guy turns out to be petty, weak-willed or even cowardly. Then one thinks: 'A mediocrity!'

At the same time everyone knows that a lot of great people were of poor build: short and fragile. It did not stop them from displaying intelligence and courage. Ingenuity does not depend on one's complexion or constitution.

Plump or fat people create an impression of generous and kind individuals. Strangely enough, they often turn out to be thrifty or even greedy. One usually thinks: 'A scrooge!' On the other hand, thin or slim nervous ladies often tend to be very generous and extravagant. They like to buy and never think twice when they pay. One thinks: 'I would call her open-handed and Mother would call her a waster. Yes, mothers are always stricter in judgments.

Has it ever happened to you that you come to an important office and see a powerful boss? You immediately notice what he looks like: 'Round-faced, small narrow eyes, dimples in his cheeks and an upturned nose. What a nice fellow!' You tell the boss of your troubles and expect immediate help. But the boss appears to be rude and wilful. You never get your help and think: 'An iron fist in a velvet glove’.

When someone sees a delicately built pretty blonde with curly hair, blue eyes, a straight nose and a high forehead, one is inclined to think that the beauty is intelligent and nice. It may be disappointing to think later 'What an impolite stupid bore! On the contrary, when one sees a skinny brunette with ugly irregular features — a hooked nose, pointed chin, close-set eyes and thin lips, strange thoughts come to one's head; because it is the image of evil people — cruel and cunning. It may be a relief some time later to find her a clever, gentle and well-mannered lady and think: 'What charm! A heart of gold!'

Another general misconception lies in the fact that children are always expected to resemble their parents. And parents like it when children take after them. Relatives like to compare moles, the shape of noses, etc. The greatest compliment is: 'They are as like as two peas'. To find nothing in common is a huge disappointment. We want to deny people their uniqueness. We don't want to admit that nature has selected other options from an enormous genetic fund developed over generations. Why do we like our doubles? Who knows!

Nature likes to play tricks on us - it creates a brilliant kaleidoscope of characters and appearances which often clash. But don't you think it is nature’s way of making life more interesting and exciting? After all, variety is the spice of life.

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