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You are going to listen to a conversation between Annie, a young girl, and her grandmother. Answer the questions

a) What are they talking about?

b) How many brothers and sisters did Annies grandmother have?

c) Which of them did she like most of all?

d) Which of her brothers and sisters looked older than their age?

e) What was her mothers name?

Listen to the conversation again and complete the chart below.

Person Age General appearance Features Eyes Hair Build Character
Annies grandmother (when a child)   pretty     fair    
Alice 2 years older            

Make up a conversation with your group mate who wants to know about the members of your family and the family likeness.

Part IV


Describe the people you see in the pictures below.





Part V


1. Read the following task and the answers that two students wrote. Which one is more interesting, Description A or Description B?

Write a description of your favourite relative.

(Description A, Description B)..




Describe your favourite film star. Explain why you admire him or her.

Write about a person whose appearance you like.

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