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Vocabulary notes. Quiet adj 1. Someone who is quiet always behaves in a calm and gentle way and is not easily made angry

quiet adj 1. someone who is quiet always behaves in a calm and gentle way and is not easily made angry, upset, or excited; Syn. even-tempered, calm; 2. used about people who are not talking or who do not usually talk much; Ant. talkative; e.g. a quiet sensitive boy/ She is thoughtful, quiet and controlled.

calm adj relaxed and quiet, not angry, nervous, or upset, e.g. An hour after the accident, I was starting to feel calmer.| to stay/keep/remain calm I tried to stay calm and just ignore him.

reserved adj unwilling to express your emotions or talk about your problems, e.g. Ellen was a shy, reserved girl.

shy adj nervous and uncomfortable in the company of other people, e.g. a shy smile/ I’ve always been a bit shy.

thoughtful adj always thinking of the things you can do to make people happy or comfortable; Syn. considerate; Ant. thoughtless; e.g. Paul is very thoughtful. It was really very thoughtful of you to remember my birthday.

moody adj 1. annoyed or unhappy, e.g. He seemed moody all morning. Syn. miserable 2. often changing quickly from being in a good temper to being in a bad temper; e.g. a moody teenager/He was generally moody and unpredictable. Ant. even-tempered

sociable adj sociable people are friendly and enjoy talking to other people, e.g. a pleasant, sociable couple/ He is a sociable kind of man. Syn. talkative; Ant. unsociable

friendly adj behaving in a pleasant, kind, warm way, e.g. Russian people are generally believed to be very warm and friendly. Ant. unfriendly

lively adj very active, having a lot of energy, e.g. a lively group of students

cheerful adj tending to be happy most of the time, e.g. Stephen was a cheerful child. Syn. lively; Ant. moody, miserable

amusing adj funny and entertaining, e.g. Her husband is the most amusing person I’ve ever met.

Ant. boring

polite adj someone who is polite has good manners and behaves in a way that is socially correct, e.g. He is always polite and does the right thing. Ant. impolite/rude

reliable adj a reliable person is someone you can trust to behave well, work hard, or do what you expect them to do, e.g. Sarah is a charming and reliable person. You can depend on Max - he is very reliable. Syn. dependable; Ant. unreliable

sophisticated adj 1. knowing and understanding a lot about a subject, e.g. Consumers are getting more sophisticated and more demanding. 2. knowing a lot about things such as culture, fashion, and the modern world, e.g. She was elegant and sophisticated.

aggressive adj 1. behaving in an angry or rude way that shows you want to fight, attack, or argue with somebody, e.g. aggressive behaviour/ Jim’s voice became aggressive. 2. someone who is aggressive is very determined to win or be successful, e.g. A successful businessman has to be aggressive. Syn. ambitious

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