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Vocabulary notes. 1. Facial characteristics/ features (pl) - the face as a whole

1. Facial characteristics / features (pl) - the face as a whole

2. An individual (n), [C] a person considered separately rather than part of a group:

E.g the basic rights of an individual

3. (a) personality: 1) [C,U] the various aspects of a person’s character that combine to make themdifferent from other people:

e.g. a woman with a strong personality

2). [U] the qualities of a person’s character that make them interesting and attractive.

e. g. We need someone with lots of personality

3). [C] a famous person (syn.: a celebrity ):

e.g..the personality from the world of music

4. Nature: [C,U] the usual way that a person or an animal behaves that is a part of their character:

e.g. She is a dreamer by nature. Human nature is complicated.

It is the nature of a dog to bark.

5. Temperament [C,U] 1) a person’s or an animal’s nature as shown in the way they behave orreact to the situations or people.

e .g. an artistic temperament

2) [U] the tendency to get emotional and excited very easily and behave in an unreasonableway.

e .g. to give displays of temperament

6. Manner [ sing.] the way that sb behaves and speaks towards other people.

e .g. I don’t like his manner.

His manner was polite but cool.

7. Manners [pl.] behavior that is considered socially correct in a particular society or culture:

E. g. good/bad manners

8. to denote (v) (fml) 1).to be a sign of; to be the name of:

e.g. The red triangle usually denotes danger.

2). Indicate:

e.g. A high temperature denotes illness.

9. to suggest(v ) 1).put forward for consideration as a possibility:

e.g. I suggested a visit / going / that we should go to the theatre

2). Bring an idea or a possibility into the mind:

e.g. The symptoms suggest minor heart attack.

10. to indicate(v) Point to; make known; be a sign of:

e.g. He indicated that the interview was over.

A red sky at night often indicates good weather.

3. To represent (v) 1). Be, give, make, a picture, sign, symbol or example of:

e.g. Phonetic symbols represent sounds.

2). Declare to be:

e.g. He represents himself as an expert.

3). Explain, make clear:

e. g. Let me try to represent my ideas in a different way.

12. to signify (v) (fml) 1). Make known; be a sign of; mean:

e.g. Does a high forehead signify intelligence?

2). Be of importance

e.g. It signifies little.

1.Transcribe and translate the given words:










2. Give the English equivalents for the following Russian words:

Трусость, самообладание, ревнивый, верный, восприимчивый, сообразительный

4. Define the meaning of each of the lexical units:

gentle, intelligent, cowardly, cunning, loyal

5. In the text find as many verbs as you can that correspond to the following definition:

“ To be a sign of sth, to show that sth is possible or likely; to point to “

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