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A. Adj.—Noun B. Noun--Adj. C. Verb--Noun

Practical- Coward-- to indicate--

Stubborn- Temperament- to suggest--

Reliable- Self-control- to irritate--

Resourceful- Ambition- to tend--

Amiable- Passion- to confide--



7. Give the derivative of the word given in brackets to make each sentence grammatically correct:

1). Large nostrils show strong character and (reliable).

2). A cleft in a chin is a sign of (self-centered).

3). A large mouth means (generous).

4). Close-knit eyebrows show someone who is (nervousness).

5). Heavy eyebrows indicate great (strong).

6). Large eyes signify unusual (perceptive).

7). A receding chin indicates (impatient).

8). A prominent chin suggests (determined).

Using the negative prefixes im-, un-, dis-, etc change the meaning of these adjectives into the opposite one. Make use of the dictionary.









9. Make use of the adjectives from the previous exercise to fill in the gaps:

a) She is so…by nature that nobody can get on with her.

b) Be… with your children!

c) He felt … only when he fastened his seat-belt.

d) Everyone thinks she is … after she broke the promise.

e) Don’t take so much luggage with you, Sally! Oh, you are so ….

10. Match the synonyms:

Stubborn Blunt

Loyal Practical

Down-to-earth Obstinate

Imaginative Balanced

Conservative True

Out-spoken Inventive

Stable Traditional

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