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B) Read the text below and say whether it confirms your opinion


Physiognomy is the interpretation of a person’s character through an examination of their facial characteristics. The face always expresses the person’s emotional states and consequently reflects their character or innate nature.


A high forehead indicates intelligence.

A low forehead belongs to someone who is practical and down-to-earth.


The size of the nose represents the resourcefulness of the individual; the larger the nose the more resourceful the person is.

A short nose indicates someone who is generally happy.

A small nose belongs to someone who is quiet and often dependent on others; the smaller the nose the more dependence.

A snub nose means amiability, but also a weakness of purpose.

A turned down nose shows a person who is conservative.

A large nose signifies someone who is open-minded and self-confident.

A thin pointed nose is a sign of a jealous nature and someone generally easily irritated.

A long nose denotes someone who is careful and determined.

Large nostrils show strong character and reliability.


A prominent chin suggests determination.

A long chin represents someone who sticks to what they say.

A short chin shows someone who often changes their mind.

A round chin belongs to someone who is reasonable. But under pressure they can become the contrary.

A pointed chin means that a person is out-going and makes quick decisions.

A forward, jutting chin signifies someone who is stubborn.

A receding chin indicates an impatient nature.

A cleft in a chin is a sign of self-centeredness.


Large eyes signify unusual perceptiveness.

Small eyes suggest cunning.

Round eyes show a trusting nature.

Oval eyes denote that a person is good- natured.

Narrow eyes are believed to be a sign of a suspicious nature.

Eyes set wide apart indicate reliability.

Close-set eyes represent a clever individual, but not necessarily trustworthy.

Deep-set eyes show a careful, measured manner of expression.

Bulging eyes suggest glibness.


(Considers the colours of the iris).

Dark brown eyes belong to someone who is passionate, but sometimes too impulsive.

Brown-eyed people are considered to be loyal, but they may have a tendency to shyness and passivity.

Dark blue eyes can be a sign of insecurity and sentimentality.

Light blue eyes represent someone who is trustworthy but may be prone to grudges.

Green-eyed people are believed to be practical and imaginative, they may tend to be temperamental.

Gray eyes indicate purposefulness and confidence.

Someone who has hazel eyes is very stable, energetic and quick thinking, but sometimes deceptive.


Heavy eyebrows indicate great strength.

Thick eyebrows belong to someone who is out-spoken. Exceedingly thick ones can mean a dictatorial nature.

Thin eyebrows show thoroughness and attention to detail. But very thin ones can mean fussiness.

Straight eyebrows are a sign of someone who is generally active and on top of things.

Gently curved eyebrows suggest a balanced caring person.

But downward sloping eyebrows show ambition.

Arched eyebrows signify a strong sense of curiosity, but can indicate problems in relationships.

Widely spaced eyebrows represent someone who is influenced easily.

Close-knit eyebrows show someone who is nervous.


The form of the mouth reveals the basic temperament.

An upward curved mouth suggests an agreeable nature, one who is generally happy.

A downturned mouth shows a demanding obstinate person, who is more unhappy than not.

A mouth that is straight across belongs to a person with self- control.

A small mouth can indicate selfishness.

Thin lips are believed to be a sign of impatience.

A large mouth means generosity.

Thick lips usually belong to people who openly express their opinions.

Lips of medium thickness can signify loyalty.

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