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Listen to the descriptions and fill in the gaps in the passages below


Well, she’s quite a ___________, _____________ person in her … in her late teens. She’s fairly ____________ with a… a good figure. She’s got a _________________ face with a small, sort of _____________________ nose. It’s very _______________ really. She’s got long, black _______________ hair and er… blue eyes with very long __________________. Her ________________ is … well, she is __________________. Her lips are very ________ … and she’s got _________ … ___________ in her cheeks.


He’s a very big guy, you know, ____________________ with very _______________________. Not _____________, really, really… just __________ ___________. He’s in his ___________________________ .He’s got a __________ face with _____________________. Oh, and a small _____________ on his chin. He’s got very short _______________________ but with long __________________ and a ___________________. Eyes… I haven’t really noticed the colour, he wears ____________. He’s got _____________________________ and a kind of a long, __________________ nose. He’s fairly _____________,____________, sometimes even _______________.


She’s ___________________,_______________, expensive ______________ and so on. I’d say she was in her _______________________ or ______________________, but she looks younger. She’s about ________________ and very ____________. Her hair is very ____________,_____________, I think, but I’m not sure about that. It’s always very ____________, not long. She’s got_________________________ eyes with ___________ eyebrows. Her face is always ____________________ and very ___________________________, It’s an attractive face… not really beautiful, but very attractive, you know what I mean. __________________________, a small _________... oh and yes, there’s a __________________________ on her left cheek. She’s a very ___________ and _____________________ sort of person, very __________________ and always very, very polite.


Robert is a wonderful person, really. He’s ____________ but not old.., still very lively and ________________. He’s probably in his early seventies. He’s got ____________________, ______________________ a bit, and a small white ______________.He’s __________________________, a little _______________ perhaps. He’s got very nice large _____________________ and he always seems to be smiling… lots of _____________ round his eyes, _______________________ I think you call them. He’s got a very high, lined ________________ which makes him look very _________________________, which he is, of course.

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