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Translate into the Kazakh language

1. If it stopped raining, you could go for a walk. 2. If I had known it, I could have helped them. 3. If it were a little warmer, we could bathe in the river today. 4. They could have reached the town earlier if they had walked faster. 5. We could have shipped the goods yesterday, if we had received your telegram earlier. 6. If they had known it before, they might have prevented the catastrophe.

@ Exercise 10.

Translate into the Kazakh language.

1. We thought they had left Moscow. 2. Nobody knew he was will. 3. The shop we buy vegetables from is closed on Mondays. 4. All he said is true. 5. He showed me the letter he had received from his friend. 6. He showed us everything he bought there. 7. Who is the man Comrade A. is speaking to? 8. The girl you saw in the garden is my sister’s daughter. 9. Had I time I should learn French. 10. Were he in town he would help us. 11. The accident might not have occurred had they been more careful. 12. The doctor they sent for will be here in half an hour. 13. Should he come ask him to wait. 14. I told him all I knew about it. 15. Here is the book she spoke about yesterday. 16. I was sure he knew Comrade A. had returned. 17. Had they called at the office yesterday, they would have found me there. 18. Were I in his place I should refuse to go there. 19. I should have told him about it had I seen him yesterday.

Communicative practice.

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