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Change the following imperative sentences into indirect speech

1.Masha said: I usually spend my holidays in the south. 2. She said: I spent my holidays in the Crimea last year. 3. Boris said: I go to the south every year. 4. He said: I am going to a rest-home tomorrow. 5. Ann said to us: They havent yet come. 6. She said to us: they arrived in St.Petersburg yesterday. 7. I said: I was in London last year. My friends in London sometimes invite me to spend my holidays with them. 8. Nick said: I have never been to London. I think I shall go there next year. 9. He said: I shall not stay with my friends too long. 10. He said to me: They are staying at the Europe hotel. 11. He said: They are leaving next Monday. 12. The clerk said to them You can leave the key with the maid upstairs.

@ Exercise 13.

Change the following imperative sentences into indirect speech.

1. Oleg said: My room is on the second floor. 2. He said: I am sure she will ring me up when she is back in St.Petersburg. 3. Misha said: I saw them at my parents house last year. 4. He said: I havent seen my cousin today. 5. I dont go to this shop very often, she said. 6. Tom said: I have already had breakfast, so I am not hungry. 7. He said: I have just received a letter from my uncle. 8. I am going to the theatre tonight, he said to me. 9. Mike said: I spoke to Mr.Brown this morning. 10. He said to her: I shall do it today if I have time. 11. I said to them: I can give you my uncles address.

@ Exercise 14.

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