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Economic groups

Analysing economic situation of different regions of the country is possible to divide it into 6 economic groups.Let’s look at them:

1 groupincludes the oblast with developed industry, rich in natural mineral resources. There are local mining and manufacturing enterprises using its own raw materials. Also these regions develop light, food industries and machinery engineering. This group includes Eastern-Kazakh, Karaganda and Pavlodar oblasts.

2 groupconsists of the regions rich in natural resources and vast agricultural lands. It includes Aktybinsk, Zhambyl, Kostanai and Southern-Kazakh oblasts.

3 groupis represented by Atyrau and Mangistau oblasts. They are rich in hydrocarbon mineral resources. Agriculture is not developed here; as for industry there predominate traditionally developed branches.

4 groupincludes Western-Kazakh and Northern-Kazakh oblasts. Here machinery engineering is mostly developed and there are considerable agricultural areas. All this determines the industrial and agrarian development of the oblasts.

5 groupconsists mostly of agrarian oblasts. They are Akmolinsk, Almaty and Kyzylorda oblasts. Industry is not considerable here. Only machinery engineering, light and food industries are met there.

6 groupincludes 2 cities of republican submission Almaty and Astana. Economy, weakly involved in a new spheres of activity, growing financial sector and high specific and technical potential are characteristic for them. Almaty is the centre of machinery engineering, light and food industry. Astana is an agricultural centre.


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