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Define what type the following attributive clauses refer to

1) I cannot find the letter which you gave me this morning. 2) Yesterday I spoke to a man, who had just returned from an Arctic expedition. 3) The clock which is handing in the hall is slow. 4) The magazine which you lent me is very interesting. 5) This is the book that you need. 6) My father, who was a sailor, often tells me stories about the sea. 7) Yesterday I met an old friend, whom I recognized at once. 8) The garden which is at the back of the house is very small. 9) A man who has no patience cannot play chess well. 10) My son has a German teacher, who knows German perfectly. 11) The street that leads to the theatre is very wide. 12) A man who looks after the books in a library is called a librarian. 13) Is that the man whom they are looking for? 14) The building which you can see over there is very old.

@ Exercise 9.

Translate into Kazakh language:

1) The reporter spoke very loudly so that the people who were sitting in the last rows could hear him. 2) The secretary put the mail on the table so that the director would look it through. 3) I’ll give you these magazines so that you will read a few interesting articles. 4) The father gave his son some money so that he would buy two theatre tickets. 5) He sent them a telegram so that they would be informed of the arrival of the ship in time. 6) Swich on the light so that it will be lighter in the room. 7. I’ll leave you my notes so that you can read them before your examination. 8) I put the letter into my text-book so that he should not find it. 9) The childred put on masks so that no one should recognize them. 10) We hung out a lantern so that they shouldn’t get lost in the mist. 11) The girl hid behind a tree so that her brother would not notice her.

@ Exercise 10.

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