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Ancient Kazakhstan

The traces of ancient people were founded long ago on the territory of modern Kazakhstan. The archaeologists discovered the remains of living in the Stone and Bronze Ages people. The tribes inhabiting it in the Bronze Age left archaeological memorials-settlements, graves, roc drawings. We can judge by them about the role cattle-breeding and farming in the people’s life.

Many manuscripts mention that great commanders and leaders (rulers) of the Ancient World often waved wars and contacted with Sack Tribes.Ancient Greek historian Herodotus wrote about such a war between Persia and Sack warriors. In this war Sacks under the ruling of legendary empress Tomiris defeated the Persian army. The Persian commander – outstanding and invincible tsar Kir the Great died in the steppes. According to different data Sacks occupied the territory from Aral to Semirechie and Altai. They could be divided into several related tribes and had their own lands. Sometimes sacks fought with each other, but more often they united to protect themselves from the outer enemy. Their main occupation was cattle breeding. On its basis barter trade appeared and workmanship began to develop. The Sack history is also connected with the struggle against Alexander the Great (King of Macedonia). His attempt to submit Sack tribes fell pitifully flat. Brave steppe warriors stood their independence and stopped Alexander’s troops from getting to the East. Very important witnesses of the Sack history are their burial grounds and hidden treasure.

In 1969 not far from Almaty one ancient Sack burial mound Issyk known all over the world was found. They found the remains of a Sack chief – “tsar”. The pictures of this chief were published in all scientific magazines. He was called “Gokden Man” as he had very many golden adornments and armours. Besides many things describing those times were found, too.

Sacks were the far ancestors of Kazakhs, as a number of scientists believe.

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