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Change the following sentences according to the pattern

Pattern:He asks, Where has she gone? He asks where she has gone.

1. I ask them, Who is the director of this film? 2. They ask, What happened last week? 3. Sam asks, Who told you this? 4. The passer-by asks, Where is the nearest café? 5. She asks, How much does this coat cost? 6. My students ask, How long does it take you to study English? 7. Grandpa asks, What have they just said on the radio? 8. She asks, Whose clothes are these? 9. Mr. Snow asks, Who am I talking to? 10. Everybody asks, When will the party begin? 11. They ask us, How often does it snow in the Caucasus? 12. My daughter asks me, Who invented a bicycle? 13. He asks, What is on TV tonight? 14. She asks, How much shampoo is there in the bottle? 15. My mother asks me, What tea do you prefer? 16. We ask the tourists, Have you been to Russia before?

@ Exercise 4.

Translate into Kazakh language:

1.Why they didnt reach an agreement last year is not clear to anyone. 2.whether the expedition will start this month is uncertain.3.Whether yhey can come to an understanding is doubtful.4.What he wants to do is to help us.5.that they will be late for the aeroplane is quite possible.6.That he has made such a mistake is very strange.7.Whether he really wants to help us is not clear to me.8.That there will be many obstacles on his way is doubtless.9.What he really thought of it was unknown to anybody.10.Whether there will be a ship for Batumi to-morrow is unknown.11.It is surprising that the matter has taken such a turn.12.It is evident that the dispute will be settled in the near future.13.It is not clear whether there will be any improvement in their relations.14.It is uncertain whether they will accept our terms.15.It is probable that he will refuse to go there.

@ Exercise 5.

Translate into Kazakh language:

1. The question is whether it will be possible to render them help at once. 2. The trouble is that I cant get the necessary material for my report. 3. The difficulty was that they couldnt get tickets for that day. 4. The question was whether they would arrive in time to take part in this work. 5. The doctors advice was that my brother should spend the autumn in the Crimea. 6. The question is whether they will be able to find a suitable steamer for the transportation of these goods. 7. The difficulty is that there have been no sreamers for Batumi for the last three days owing to a severe storm on the Black Sea. 8. That is what he used to tell us after his lectures. 9. The question we have to decide now is whether anything can be done to help him. 10. That was why nobody liked his lecture. 11. The question was how they could deliver the goods in such a short time. 12. The trouble is that none of us know anything about this subject. 13. The difficult was that he had lost his passport.

@ Exercise 6.

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