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Vocabulary notes. Square adj if somebody’s body or a part of their body is square, it looks broad and strong,

square adj if somebody’s body or a part of their body is square, it looks broad and strong,

e.g. a square jaw/face

prominent adj something that is prominent is large and sticks out, e.g. a prominent feature/ nose/chin; prominent cheekbones/teeth

cheekbone n [C usually pl] one of the two bones above your cheeks, just below your eyes,

e.g. She had high cheekbones and green eyes.

forehead n [C] the part of your face above your eyes and below your hair, e.g. a man with

a high forehead

a snub nose is short and points slightly upwards, e.g.She had an interesting face with a snub nose and large appealing eyes. Syn. a turned-up nose (= an upturned nose)

full lips are large and rounded in an attractive way, e.g. Her full red lips parted in a faint smile. Ant. thin lips

pursed lips are brought together tightly into a small circle, especially to show disapproval or doubt; purse (up) your lips, e.g. She pursed her lips and shook her head. Her little mouth was pursed up tight.

vivid adj very bright in colour, e.g. a vivid mouth

cleft chin n [C] a cleft chin has an area on it that goes slightly inwards

double chin n [C] a fold of loose skin between the face and neck that looks like a second chin

pointed adj having a sharp end, e.g. a pointed nose/chin/beard

a jutting chin is further forward than normal; Ant. a receding chin

receding chin n[C] a chin that slopes backwards

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