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Vocabulary notes. Sparseadj apart from each other, E. G. His sparse yellow teeth; Ant. Close-set

sparse adj apart from each other, e.g. his sparse yellow teeth; Ant. close-set

even adj similar in size and arranged in a level line with equal spaces between, e.g. She smiled, showing her small even teeth. Ant. uneven

false adj made to look like something real, e.g. false teeth/false hair/false eyelashes







feature n [C usually plural] a part of somebody’s face, such as their eyes, nose etc, e.g. Her eyes were her best feature.

large features are big in size; Ant. small features

regular adj evenly shaped, with parts or sides of equal size, e.g. He is very handsome, with strong regular features. Ant. irregular

delicate adj attractive and graceful, e.g. She had fine delicate features. Ant. rough

stern adj serious and strict, and showing strong disapproval of somebody’s behaviour, e.g. stern features/ a stern look/a stern voice/ a stern expression


a beard

a moustache



a scar

a birthmark

a mole/ a beauty-spot

a tattoo

with freckles/ with spots

with wrinkles/ with lines

with dimples in one’s cheeks

well made-up /heavily made-up

to wear/use/ put on make-up

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