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IX. Choose the closest description from the list for each person. Make each description more accurate

  1. She’s middle-aged, quite tall, and looks a bit old-fashioned. She’s got short grey hair.
  2. He’s about 1, tall, and seems to be some kind of a businessman.
  3. She’s quite young, about 20, and has long hair. She’s also got glasses, and she’s wearing fashionable clothes.
  4. He doesn’t look very old, about 15 maybe. He’s got shortish hair, and looks quite strong.
  5. She’s got short hair, and is about 40 or possibly younger. She looks like a secretary maybe. She’s about average height.








high cheekbones

a high/low forehead

a wide/ narrow forehead

a long/short nose

a large/small nose

a snub/ turned-up nose

a straight nose

a hooked nose

a pointed nose

thin lips

full lips

pursed lips

a small/large mouth

a vivid mouth

a cleft chin

a double chin

a pointed chin

a jutting chin

a receding chin

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