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EXERCISES. I. Transcribe and translate the words:height, average, below, above

I. Transcribe and translate the words: height, average, below, above.

II. Express the height of these people in metres and centimetres:

1. He’s 5 ft 7 tall. 2. He’s 6 ft 3 tall. 3 He is 4 ft 7 tall.

III. Combine the words in A with the right words in B:

A. high, low, tall, short

B. building, fence, ceiling, temperature, giraffe, prices, man, glass, hill, shelf, dancer, chimney

IV. Choose the right word:

1. George Washington was a high/tall man. 2. Snowdon is the highest/tallest mountain in Wales. 3. That high/tall column over there is Nelson’s monumemt. 4. The tree was so high/tall that he was afraid to jump down. 5. Dick is higher/taller than the other boys in his class. 6. There is a high/tall wall around the palace. 7. He wanted to ring the bell, but it was too high/tall and he was not high/tall enough. 8. I don’t know who lives on the other side of that high/tall fence. 9. Beauvais is very proud of having the highest/tallest cathedral in Europe.

V. Answer the questions:

1. What is your height? (in centimetres/ in feet) 2. How tall is your friend? Is he shorter or taller than you? How many centimetres/ inches shorter or taller is he? 3. Do you know many people who are below or above average height? 4. Who is the shortest/tallest person you know? How tall are they exactly? 5. How do you feel about your height? Would you like to be shorter or taller? Why? 6.Do you think it is good to be below/above average height? Give reasons.

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