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EXERCISES. I.Transcribe and translate the words:. I.Transcribe and translate the words:

I.Transcribe and translate the words:

Pale, fair, sunburned, suntanned, fair-skinned, olive, oriental, healthy, ruddy, sallow.

II. Give English equivalents of the following Russian words and word-combinations:

цвет лица; бледная/ светлая/ темная кожа; загорелая/ коричневая/ смуглая/ желтая кожа; румяная/ здоровая/ нездоровая/ с желтоватым оттенком кожа

III. Match the synonyms:

1. brown a) negro

2. ruddy b) unhealthy

3. sallow c) tanned

4. pale d) healthy

5. black e) fair

IV. Decide whether these sentences are true or false:

1. If you sunbathe a lot, your skin becomes black. 2. People from China are usually olive-skinned. 3. If you are pale, you may be unwell. 4. Fair skin is very pale and burns easily in the sun. 5. You can have a ruddy complexion when you are excited. 6. People from Africa are dark-skinned. 7. Russian people are mostly fair-skinned. 8. A sallow complexion is a sign of good health.

V. Use these word-combinations in the sentences below:

long nails bad skin

big feet thin legs

lovely complexion long legs

1. Are these your shoes? You’ve got really ________, haven’t you? 2. You’ve got such _______.Would you like to move the seat back a bit? 3. I’ve never seen you in shorts before. You’ve got such _______. You should go running and try to build them up a bit! 4. You’ve got such lovely ______. Are they real? 5. Keith’s new girlfriend must spend a fortune on face cream to have such a _______. 6. Poor Tim. He’s had really _______ ever since he was 13.

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