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Positive Negative

I often   You often   She/He often read   read   reads English books   English books   English books
I don’t often   You don’t often   She/He doesn’t often   read   read   read   English books   English books   English books  


Do I often Do you often   Does she/he often read   read   read   English books?   English books?   English books?  


1.Her brothers always tell the truth. She sometimes (to lie).2. They always gossip, she never (to do) it.3They laugh a lot, she (to cry) a lot. 4. we eat much, she (to eat) little.5. They smoke cigars, he never (to smoke).6. They often get angry, she never (to get) angry.7. I like meat, she (to like) fish.8. We go to the disco three times a week, he never (to go) there.9. They never ask questions, my little sister (to ask) a lt of questions.10. We always help our mother with the housework, he never (to help) her.11. I always give her good advice, she never (to follow) it. 12. You like ballet. She (to like) opera 13. My friends often visit me, she never (to visit) me.14. We always get up early, she always (to get) up late.15.We are from Moscow, she (to be) from Canada.16. They make friends easily, she hardly ( to make) friends.17. They look very happy, she (to look) unhappy.18. My friends go to the Caucasus every summer.19. We drive slowly, she (to drive)fast. 20.They speak Spanish and Italian, she (to speak) English.21. The students know the rules, he (to know) the rules and (to observe) them.22. We peak a lot, he (to speak) little.

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