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1. There is a book on the table. 2. He must work hard today. 3. We are leaving for Moscow next week. 4. We were reading the whole evening. 5. They don’t go to work on Sunday. 6. It is not cold today. 7. Ann has already begun to read a new book. 8. We learn English at school. 9.They will show you how to get there. 10. They finished the translation before the end of the lesson. 11. I didn’t feel well that evening. 12. It wasn’ difficult to do this task.

Exercise 2. Translate the sentences into English:

1. Вам нравиться больше английский язык или французский?

2. Он живет в Ростове или в области?

3. Она его младшая или старшая сестра?

4.Студенты у сдали экзамены или нет?

5. Петровы поедут летом на юг или на север?

6. Ваш друг учиться в академии или в университете?

7. Она знает ее лучше чем вы?

Exercise 3. Make disjunctive questions:


1. There are twelve months in a year. 2. There are four seasons in a year. 3. There is much snow in winter. 4. There are sixty minutes is an hour. 5. There are few misstates in my dictation. 6. On the table there are two exercise books and a textbook. 7. In a fortnight there are two weeks. 8. In a month there are four weeks. 9. There is no blackboard in the room. 10. There are some flowers on the window sill. 11. Under the window there is a radiator. 12. There is no garden behind her cottage. 13. There is a black cat in the basket. 14. There is little milk in the bottle. 15. There isn’t any butter on the plate.


1. There was much show in Moscow last winter. 2. There will be much noise in the classroom. 3. There will be sunshine tomorrow. 4. There was a storm yesterday. 5. There were two children in the family. 6. There were no daughters in the family. 7. There were many cups on the table. 8. There were no mistakes in her dictation. 9. There were maps on wall.

Exercise 4.Ask general questions:

1. There are many photos in this album. 2. There is lot of fruit in the basket. 3. There is some clean paper on the desk. 4. There is a magazine in your bag. 5. There are no people in the hall. 6. There is a key in his pocket. 7. There is lot of noise there. 8. There is nobody at home. 9. There are two sandwiches in her bag. 10. There is something in your hand. 11. There are many students in the lab. 12. There is a teacher in the classroom.

Exercise 6.Ask alternative questions:

1. There is much (little) cheese the plate. 2. There is much (little) milk in the jug. 3. There are (few) pieces of cake on the plate. 4. There are many (few) forks on the table. 5. There are forks (spoons) on the table. 6. There is cup (a glass) on the table. 8. There is a woman (a man) in the room. 9. There is garden (a lawn) in front of the house. 10. There are four (five) rooms in her flat.

1.Text: We learn Foreign languages (read/translate)

My name is Petrov. I live in the centre of Moscow. I work at the Ministry of Foreign Trade. I am an engineer and I am also a student. Manyengineers in our Ministry learn Foreign Languages. I learn English. We have our English in the morning.

We are at a lesson now. Jane is standing at the blackboard. She is writing an English sentence. We are not writing. We are looking at the blackboard.

We don’t often write in class. Sometimes we have dictations. During the lesson we read our text-book and do a lot of exercises. We don’t often speak Russian in class. We speak English to our teacher. We usually speak Russian after classes.

“What is your name” ? “ My name is Smirnov”

“Where do you work?” “I work at an office”

“What do you do?” “I am an engineer”

Do you learn French? No, I don’t.

What language do you learn? “I learn English”

When do you usually have your English? In the evening.

Are you having a lesson now. No, I am not.

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