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We live in a new 16-storeyed block of flats in Astana. It’s situated in a very picturesque place not far from the Ishim River. There’s a big supermarket on the ground floor and it’s very convenient to do everyday shopping.

Our flat is on the fifth floor. It’s very comfortable and well-planned. We have all modern conveniences, such as central heating, electricity, gas, cold and hot running water and a telephone. There are three rooms, a kitchen,

a bathroom and a hall in our flat. There’s also a balcony and we can enjoy a lovely view of the river.

The largest room in our flat is the living room and we use it as a dining room and as a sitting room. In the middle of the room there’s a big table and six chairs round it. Opposite the window there’s a wall unit with lots of books, a TV-set and a video cassette recorder. There are two comfortable armchairs and a small coffee table in the right-hand corner. There is also a sofa and in the evenings we gather there to have tea, watch TV, talk and rest.

My room is the smallest room in our flat, but it’s very cosy and light. There’s a bed, a wardrobe, a desk, an armchair and several bookshelves in my room. There’s a thick carpet on the floor. The walls in my room are light brown and there are some big posters on them. I like my room very much ,but from time to time I change it round. I quite often move the bed and change the posters on the wall.

Our kitchen is large and light. It’s very well-equipped. We’ve got a refrigerator, a freezer, a microwave oven, a coffeemaker and a toaster. We haven’t got a dishwasher yet, because it’s very expensive. But I’m sure we’ll buy it in the near future.

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