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1.Do you live in a house or in a block of flats?

2.Which floor is your flat on?

3.Is your flat well- planned? Is it comfortable?

4.How many rooms are there in your flat?

5.Have you got a dining room(a sitting room, a study)?

6.Where do you usually have your meals?

7.Is there much furniture in your flat? Do you change it round from time to time?

8.What is your kitchen like?

9.How often do you redecorate the rooms?

Describe these pictures with structure there is/are.

Listening.Buying a present. 6.1. Larry and Louise from USA. They want to rent the house. Cover the dialogue and listen. Which three rooms in the house do they go into?

“New English file” by John and Liz Soars. Student’s Book. Elementary. Oxford University Press. 2004.

Control test:

1. ______ a bench beside the lamp post.

A) there is

B) there are

C) those are

D) there

2. She comes to work __________foot.

A) on

B) by

C) with

D) in

3. Ida wanted to stay _________ home.

A) in

B) at

C) off

D) inside

4. The bookstore is just _________ the corner.

A) around

B) across

C) over

D) opposite

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