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Complete the answers. Practice the questions and answers

Is there a television? Yes, there --------------------.

Is there a radio? No, there ---------------------.

Are there any books? Yes, there---------------------.

How many books are there? There -------------------- a lot.

Are there any photographs? No, there ---------------------.

2. Insert suitable form of the verb there +to be.

1. There ______8 desks in our class.

2. There _______ 4 entrance exams to Academy.

3. There ______ a concert next week.

4. There ______ a great discussion at the lesson last Tuesday.

5. There _____ a lot of students in my group.

Prepositions of place: on, in/inside, under, in front of, behind, between, next to/near, above, around, among, in the middle, to the right/left, in the corner, opposite, over

Look at the pictures and cover the prepositions. Where is the cat?

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