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General secondary education

In 1992, right after the proclamation of sovereignty of Kazakhstan, the law “On Education” was adopted. This law fixed compulsory and free education for all children of school age. In 1995 the Republic adopted the new Constitution, which proclaimed the compulsory and free secondary education. In 1999 a new law “On Education” of the Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted where three levels of general school were defined:

- primary 1-4 classes:

- basic – 5-9 classes;

- senior 10-12 classes.

The ways of getting secondary education were defined in general school (day, evening) and through vocational schools (lyceums) and colleges. During the last ten years in Kazakhstan more than ten state programs concerning the sphere of education have been adopted. The process of realization of these programs is periodically solved at the government level. President N.A.Nazarbayev annually meets talented children, teachers, workers of ministries. At these meetings they discuss the development perspectives of the system of education, solve appearing problems.

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