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V. Write one or more sentences with a similar meaning. Use the words given in brackets

Example: Michael is 15 years old.(mid)

Michael is in his mid-teens.

1. Mrs Thomas is 45. (aged; over) 2. Helen is 25. (mid; prime) 3. Alex is 17. (under; youth; teens) 4. Our grandmother is 73. (early; over; past) 5. He retired when he was 59 or so. (about) 6. Sarah went to university when she was 19. (late; nearly) 7. My sister came of age last year. (teens; under)

VI. Write about the age of people in your family in as many ways as you can.

VII. Ask your groupmates questions about a) their age; b) the age of their family members. Follow the models:

a) - How old are you? (What’s your age?)

- I’m in my late teens.

- Are you?

- Yes, I’m 17.

b) - How old is your father? (What’s your father’s age?)

- He is in his mid-forties.

- Is he?

- Yes, he is 45.

VIII. Re-write these sentences making use of compound adjectives. (Compound adjectives are adjectives made of two or more words).

E.g. My son is two years old. – I’ve got a two-year-old son.

  1. My son is eleven. – I’ve got an ………….. son. 2. We’ve got a daughter of six. - We’ve got a ………… daughter. 3. Their baby is only two months old. - They’ve got a ……….baby. 4. Their twins are ten years old now. – They’ve got ……….twins.

IX. Famous quotes

Complete these quotes with the following words:

Age feel income forty youth young

1. You are only as old as you ………..

2. Life begins at ……….

3. Women lie about their ………; men lie about their ……….

4. …….. lasts longer than the …….. think.

Do you agree with the quotes? Why or why not?












of small/medium/powerful/athletic build


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