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Read the dialogue and ask as many questions to the dialogue as you can

At the greengrocer’s

Jane: And now we’re going to buy some vegetables.

Let’s cross the road. There’s the greengrocer’s over there.

Greengrocer: Good morning, madam. What can I do for you?

Jane: I want a large cabbage, please, and a pound of carrots.

Greengrocer: Yes, madam. Anything else?

Jane: Some fruit, please, six of those oranges and two pounds of these apples.

Greengrocer: Any grapes, madam?

Jane: No, nothing else, thank you

(on Their way to the grocer’s.)

Jill: There’s little flour left. Will you go to the grocer’s and buy a bad of flour sugar, please?

Ann: Shall I also buy a bad of sugar?

Jill: Could you buy two bags and a packet of tea, please?

Ann: We haven’t got any rice. What about salt?

Jill: There is a lot. But you can buy a bottle of vinegar and two bottles of oil. Is that OK?

2. Read the dialogue and dramatize it.

Assistant: Can I help you?

Mike: I’d like a pair of trainers, please.

Assistant: What size?

Mike: Size 42, please.

Assistant: Try this pair on. They are the cheapest, the lightest and the most comfortable. They are very popular.

Mike: They are rather small.

Assistant: Try these then. There’re bigger.

Mike: How much are they?

Assistant: 20.

Mike: I think they are great.

3. Vocabulary. Name 10 product you always buy at:

1)a grocery; 2) market; 3)greengrocer`s; 4)baker`s; 5)butcher`s.

Listening. Buying a present. 5.21. Allie is in a gift shop. Cover the dialogue and listen pp. 60-61.

“New English file” by John and Liz Soars. Student’s Book. Elementary. Oxford University Press. 2004.

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