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Consolidation of grammar

2. Look at these sentences.

I’d like some bananas. (plural noun)

I’d like some mineral water (uncount noun).

We use some with both plural and uncount nouns.

3. Look at these questions.

Would like some chips?

Can I have some tea?

but Are there any chips?

Is there any tea?

We use some and any when we request and offer things.

We use any not some in other questions and negatives.

Tick correct answers. (+)

1. There aren’t some sandwiches.

There aren’t any sandwiches.

2. Do you have some good dictionary?

Do you have a good dictionary?

3. I have some photos of my dog.

I have any photos of my dog.

4. I have got any books.

I have got some books.

5. Are there any students in this class?

Are there some students in this class?

A complete with something, anything, nothing, etc.

1.Are you doing ______ tonight?

2.____ phoned when you were out. He said he’d call back later.

3.I’ve seen your car keys______ but I can’t remember where.

4. Did ______ come while I was out?

5.Did you go ______ exciting last night?

6. I’ve bought you____ for your birthday.

7. I knocked at the door but _____ answered.

8. We went shopping but we didn’t buy ______.

B. Answer with Nobody, Nowhere, or Nothing.

1 what did you do last night? ________

2 where did you go yesterday? ______

3 who did you see? ________

C. Answer the questions in b with a full sentence.

1 I didn’t do _________________

2 __________________________



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