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Future Indefinite

Exercise 1. Use the verbs in the story in the Future Indefinite Tense where possible:

It is Saturday. I don't have classes, so I stay in bed later than usual. I get up at 10 and understand that it is too late to do morning exercises. At this time my Mum and Dad are not at home. I look out of the Window and see them in the garden, they take away the old leaves and prepare the garden for the winter. So I go to the kitchen and make my breakfast myself. I eat my breakfast and look throught the ads in the newspaper. It takes me about an hour. As usual I forget to wash up after breakfast. I go back to my room and listen to my favourite music. Then I hear the telephone ring and run to the drawing room. My group-mate calls. He invites me to his place, but I don't want to go out. I am too lazy. At about 1 o' clock the Old Man and the Old Lady come in. They are both exhausted and angry, because my dirty dishes are still on the table. I try to make up fore it and offer to cook lunch, but my mother doesn't allow me. She says I spoil everything. I feel ashamed and promise to myself than I'll start a new life tomorrow... Tomorrow is Sunday...

Exercise 2. Answer the following questions:

1. Will you take your exams in June? 2. Will you come to our party? 3. Will you join us for lunch? 4. Will you help them with their English? 5. Will they be happy to see us? 6. When will he know the time of our arrival? 7. What will you tell them? 8. Where will she wait for you? 9. Shall we start the discussion? 10. Shall I help you? 11. Shell we open the window? 12. Shall I translate the text? 13. What shall we do tomorrow morning? 14. What shall we have for dinner? 15. Where shall we go this evening? 16. What shall I do? 17. What time shall I wake you up? 18. Where shall we meet?

Exercise 3. Use Present or Future Indefinite:

1. I (to hope) he (to be) at the office tomorrow. 2. When you (to give) me back my textbook? 3. I (to be) sure you (to like) the music. 4. At this time tomorrow we (to be) far from here. 5. Don't wait for me, I probably (to be) late. 6. I (to be) afraid they (to miss) too very much. 7. Where we (to meet)? 8. You (to find) a lot of interesting things in this journal. 9. How long it (to take) us to get to the airport? 10. There (to be) a lot of traffic and cars (to move) very slowly, I (to take) a taxi.

be going to(plans) +

Full form Contraction     going to have a holiday next month
I am You are He/she/it is We /You/Theyare I’m You’re He/she/it’s We’re/ You’re/ They’re

Negative form

I am not He/she/it is not We/they/youare not I’m not He/she/it isn’t We/they/youaren’t   going to have a holiday next month

Question form

Am I Are we/they/you Is he/she/it going to have holiday next month?

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