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My college

There are many Colleges in Almaty. Usually there are several faculties at college. The college headed by director. The course of studies lasts 3 years.

I study at Almaty College of Communication at KAU. The academic year begins on the 1st of September and is divided into two terms (semesters).Students take Final exams at end of each semester. Twice a year students have vacations – one month in winter and two months in summer. There is a very good library and computer center in the ground floor. The first year

Students study general subjects. In the second and third year we study specialized subjects. A very good tradition of our College is that theory is accompanied by practical training.

It is interesting but difficult to study at my College. After college I’m going to study at Kazakh American University. I hope students of College are going to be good specialists of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Useful phrases from the text:

To have vacations

Academic year

Headed by

to divide into


Questions about you

Are уоu going to do аnу of these things after the lesson?

Ask and answer the questions with а partner.

1 watch TV

2 have а coffee

3 catch а bus

4 eat in а restaurant

5 meet some friends

6 cook а meal

7 go shopping

8 wash уоu hair

9 do уоu homework

Questions for computer based testing:

1. Tomorrow I … meet my friends.

A. am going to

B. is going to

C. isn’t going to

D. are going to

2. My mum … to cook because we … to go to café tonight.

A. aren’t going, are going

B. isn’t going, are going

C. are going, are going

D. is going, is going

3. My brother … study at KAU.

A. going to

B. are going to

C. is going to

D. am going to

4. It’s her birthday next week, but she … a party.

A. is going to have

B. isn’t going to have

C. going to have

D. aren’t going to have

5. Our car is ten years old. We … buy a new car.

A. are going to

B. aren’t going to

C. are going

D. going


English Kazakh Russian
Several бірнеше Несколько
Term семестр Семестр
Vacation демалыс Каникулы
Accompany Бірге алып жүру Сопровождать, следовать вместе
Difficult қиын Сложный, трудный

Student’s individual work:

Read the text, write new words and learn by heart.

Write topic for “My plans for the future” (7-8 sentences) and retell the text.

Student’s individual work with teacher:

Lexical-grammar exercises for “to be going”, pages 65-75 [2].

The list of recommended literature:

1. Сlive Oxenden, New English File, Oxford University Press 2005.

2. John and Liz Soars, New Headway, Oxford University Press, 2000.

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