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Lesson 37-40

Outline: Modal verb Can/to be able to

May - , must -, , need- ,

Exercise1. Determine the meaning of the modal verbs can, could, may, might and translate the sentences into Russian:

1.Carol can speak three foreign languages. 2. If you dont take your umbrella, you can get wet through.3. Could you help me with my translation? 4. What can I do for you? 5. When Bob was a child he could play the piano wonderfully.6. Could I use your car tonight? 7. You could call your mother and ask for the money if you havent got any.8. I cant drink my tea, its too hot. 9. Can he still be at the office?10.It cant de true.11.You may take a day off whenever you like. 12. If convicted, an accused person may appeal to the court. 13. May I have my test on Tuesday?14.You may not enter the house unless you have a permission. 15. Jim said he might go home for the vacation.16. They might come, but Im not sure.17. It may be still raining.18. He might be sick. He ate far too much last night.19. Might I ask your advice? 20. The sky is dark, it might rain this afternoon.

Exercise 2. Use mustnt or neednt:

1.Youclean the room today, you can do it tomorrow morning.2. I.forget to post the letter Mother gave me.3.We have a lot of food at home so we. Go shopping today.4.The baby is asleep, you .shout.5. You.shout, Im not deaf.6. You.worry about your luggage, Ill take care of it.7. Must I come on Saturday?- No, you 8.This book is very valuable, you.lose it.9. Youeat the salad if you dont like it.10. We have plenty of time so we.hurry.11. You tell anybody what I said.12. You. cross the street when the red light is on.13. Must I type these letters today? - No, you. 14.You.remind her about the meeting. I warned her yesterday.

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