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Exercise 4. Измените следующие предложения по образцу:

Образец: This is a postcard. ↔ These are postcards.

Those are our friends. ↔ That is our friend.

1. This is a newspaper. 2. That is my sister. 3. Is this your dictionary?

Kazakhstan: My Home

Kazakhstan is one of the independent states of the Euro-Asian continent. It’s territory stretches from West to East for 3.000 kilometers and from North to South for 1.600 kilometers covering an area 2.717.000 sq. kms. In the west. Northwest and North Kazakhstan borders on the Russian Federation. In the Southeast and East, There is China. The border length if Kazakhstan is more than 15.000 km.

According to activate administrative and territorial divisions, Kazakhstan consists of 14 region, and 223 districts. There are 83 cities and 204 townships. The regions are: Akmola, Almaty, Atyrau, Aktobe, Eastern Kazakhstan, Taraz, Mangystau, Pavlodar, Kyzyl-Orda, Karagandy and Kostanai. The population of Kazakhstan now numbers 15 million people. People of 120 nationalities live in country. Kazakh is the state language, but Russian is officially used on an equal basis with Kazakh. The languages of the minority groups living in our Republic our freely spoken.

In December 1991 a new independent country – the Republic of Kazakhstan – joined the World community. The 16-th of December is now celebrated as an Independents day of Kazakhstan. The Republic of Kazakhstan is a unitary country with a presidential form of the government. The first president of Kazakhstan is N.A. Nazarbayev. He became the first president of the country in April 1990.

Kazakhstan has huge reserves of mineral resources, such as: crude oil, natural gas, cooper, zinc, gold and silver. Mining, machinery manufacture, the production of petro – chemicals and agriculture are important sectors of the economy. Agriculture provides grain, fruit, cotton, tobacco and meat.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has played a major role in the history and development of the Central Asia. Kazakhstan has a special status within the Commonwealth as it is the only non-Slavic member to own automatic weapons. In 1957, the first satellite was short into space from the Baikonur Space Centre, which lies in the vast steppland of Kazakhstan. Nowadays the Cosmodrome has close ties with the country’s leading research institutions, industrial enterprises and designers.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a member of eleven international organizations including the United Nations, UNESCO,JAEA,IMF and others.

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