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Complex Subject (The Subjective Infinitive Construction)

Complex Subject contains the Subject complicated by the Infinitive: Ann is said to resemble her sister. The underlined words are the Subject of the sentence.

Complex Subject is used:

a) with the following verbs in the Passive Voice: see, hear, think, consider, know, expect, believe, suppose, make, say, report, allege,etc.:

He was seen to disappear in the distance.

The man was reported to have stolen the money.

The manuscript is believedto have been written in the 15th century.

b) with the word-groups: to be likely, to be sure, to be certain:

They are likely to be marriedin September.

He is sure (certain)to come.

c) with the verbs in the Active Voice: seem, appear, happen, prove, turn out:

The experiment proved to be a failure.

They all turned out to be good friends.

They seemedto have forgottenmy address.

Only yesterday we happenedto seeAndy.

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