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Ex. 24. Read and dramatize the dialogues

Ordering Drinks

Conversation A

Manager: Good afternoon, ma'am. Do you have a reservation?

Jessica Adams: No, I don't. But I'd like a table for one, please.

Manager: Smoking or non-smoking?

Jessica Adams: Non-smoking, please.

Manager: Right this way, ma'am, your waiter will be with you in just one moment.

Jessica Adams: Thank you.

Conversation В

Waiter: Good afternoon, ma'am. I'm Stefan, and I'm your waiter for today. Would you like a drink while you are looking at the menu?

Jessica Adams: Yes, please. Could I see the wine list?

Waiter: Certainly, ma'am. Here you are.

Jessica Adams: Could I have the California Blush? (сорт розового вина)

Waiter: Yes, ma'am. A glass or a bottle?

Jessica Adams: Just a glass, please.

Waiter: Right away, ma'am.

Jessica Adams: Oh, and could I also have a glass of ice water?

Waiter: Yes, certainly. I'll bring it right away.

Jessica Adams: Thank you.

Waiter: You are welcome.


Counter Help: Hi. What can I do for you?

Jeff Kramer: Is there any fish?

Counter Help: There was, but it's all gone.

Jeff Kramer: No fish! Well, what else do you have?

Counter Help: There's some fried chicken. It's Today Special.

Jeff Kramer: Sounds good.

Counter Help: One Special!

Voice: One Special coming right up!

Jeff Kramer: Got any green beans?

Counter Help: Sure do. Nice and fresh. Do you want mashed potato or French fries?

Jeff Kramer: I'll take mashed potatoes.

Counter Help: Do you want a roll with your meal?

Jeff Kramer: Sure. Thanks.

Counter Help: Help yourself to butter or margarine. The ketchup is over there.

Jeff Kramer: Is there any pecan [pi'kaen] (орех) pie?

Counter Help: Sorry. There's none left. We've got some ice-cream

Jeff Kramer: No, thanks. This is fine.

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