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Exercise-2.Complete the sentences

My coat is not old, I want a newer one.

1.I work hard, but you work....

2.This knife is not very sharp. Have you a... one'.

3.The Volga is long, but the Nile is...

4.England isn't big. Russia is....

5. My Granny is 67. She is old. hut my Grandpa is

6. You are not tall. Your brother is....

7. Ann leaves home late, bul her Dad leaves home....

8. Гот is strong, bul his friend is....

Exercise 3.Put the adjectives. Use comparative and superlative degree.

1. It is (happy) day of my life.

It is the /happiest day of my life.

2.The twenty-second of December is (short) day in a \ear.

3.The Neva is (deep) than the Moscow river.

4.It is (сold) day of the year.

5.The room is (small) of all the rooms in the house.
6. Myrhymes are (had) than yours.

7.Our school is (old) in our town.

8.This dictation is (easy) than that one.

9. Moscow is (large) city in Russia.

10. She is (tall) than her sister.

11. He is (tall) bov in onr class.

Student’s individual work with teacher

Write on your dreams

The list of recommended literature:

1. “New English File” by Clive Oxenden. Student’s book. Intermediate. Oxford University Press. 2004

2. «EnglishGrammar in Use» by R.Murphy.Oxford University Press-2004

3. Н.А. Бонк “Учебник английского языка”.

4. Д.А. Аракин «Практический курс английского языка».

5. А.Н. Ионина Грамматический курс английского языка.

Lesson 57-60

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