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Final test Elementary. Read the article. Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F)



1 Recording 11 Listen to six conversations and tick the correct answer, a), b) or c).

1 What time does Jim start work?



a) __ b) c)


2 Who is visiting Steve for the weekend?

his sister
his brother
his cousin



a) b) c)


3 What will the weather be like tomorrow?



a) b) c)


4 How long did the woman stay in New York?

2 days
3 days
4 days


a) b) c)


5 How did the woman get to Washington?

By train
By car
By plane


a) b) c)


6 What has the boy got?



a) b) c)


7 Where can Sheila eat her sandwiches?

staff room


a) b) c)


8 What is there in the staffroom?

a cafe
a fridge


a) b) c)


9 What did the woman lose?

credit card


a) b) c)




2 Recording 12 Listen and write true (T) or false (F).

1 Ben cant go to the theatre tonight. _

2 Theres been a problem at the office.

3 Ben didnt have flu when he got up.

4 He took two aspirins because he had a

sore throat.

5 Ben says his arms hurt.




3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1 Last night we ________ (watch) TV.

2 In this class we __ __ (study) superlatives.

3 Last Sunday I ___ (go) for a walk.

4 I _____ (love) going out with friends.

5 Lisa ____ (visit) many different countries.




4 Underline the correct alternative.

1 I saw/ve seen him at work yesterday.

2 We have to run or we ll/wont be late.

3 Thats the good/best film Ive ever seen!

4 You cant/shouldnt buy stamps in a pharmacy.

5 You have to be really quietly/quiet. Your dads on the phone.



5 Complete the email with one word in each gap.

Hi folks! We 1 ve had a fantastic time in China. Weve 2 to Beijing, seen the Great Wall and swum in the Yangtze River. Now were in Shanghai. We arrived late 3 night after a sixteen-hour train journey! I feel really tired 4 morning so Im not going to do much but Josh never stops! Hes out taking photos of the city. I can see it through my hotel window its amazingly modern 5 beautiful. I might go and look around this evening. The temperature is 30C at the moment but it might 6 hotter this afternoon. Were going to stay here for 2 days. Then were flying to Hong Kong, and after that well be in Singapore, our last stop. I hear you can do some very cheap shopping in these places so Ill have to be careful! See you next week. Jess xx





6 Match verbs 18 with words and phrases

1 go _ a) better, tired

2 feel b) running, home

3 watch c) a drama, the sun rise

4 get d) housework, exercise

5 stay e) fit, stung

6 do f) a conversation, work

7 have g) in, at a hotel

8 start h) dinner, stomachache




7 Underline the correct alternative.

1 What time do you go to/in bed?

2 She has a daughter/son. His name is Adam.

3 He goes swimming twice/twice a week.

4 Your books above/under the table.

5 I lost my phone two days ago/last.

6 The film was really quiet/boring and I fell asleep.



8 Match words 17 with definitions a)g).

1 a tip _ a) when your head hurts


2 souvenir b) you can buy medicine here

3 a desert c) good for the environment


4 a carton d) something kept to remember a place or an event


5 a pharmacy e) extra money for good service


6 green f) a container used for yoghurt


7 a headache g) a very dry place





9 Match sentences 16 with responses a)f).

1 Can you tell me the way to the station? _

2 Let me open the jar for you.

3 What did you do last night?

4 Do you think Id like this band?

5 Why dont we go to the zoo?

6 Can you ask him to call me?


a) Nothing special. How about you?

b) Of course, sir. Whats your number?

c) No, I dont think its your kind of music.

d) Yes, straight on and second left.

e) That doesnt sound very interesting.

f) Thats very kind of you.







10 Read the article. Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

Three things to do before you leave the planet! 1 Visit Tuvalu Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean is the fourth- smallest country in the world. Sadly, its also only 4 metres above sea level at its highest. Because of the rise in sea levels, Tuvalu might be the first country to disappear under the waves. The islands are a paradise of beautiful tropical beaches and palm trees. Why dont you go there before they disappear? Take a plane from Fiji, stay in one of Tuvalus four guest houses and have a drink in its one bar. Go now, before it dies. 2 See the worlds largest flower Go to the jungles of Borneo or Sumatra and find the worlds strangest plants, Rafflesia. For most of its life, the plant is invisible and hard to find. But to find it is amazing. It grows into the worlds largest flower. It can be one metre across and weigh 10 kilos. And it smells terrible! However, it only lasts a few days. Youll be lucky to see one. 3 Find happiness Why do some people live perfectly happy lives while others find life hard? The answer might be in our genes some people are born happy. Lucky them, I hear you say! Dont worry, theres still a lot you can do, for example: help other people, make lots of friends or change your job. Or learn about how people live in Denmark. Its the only European country where people are happier than they were 30 years ago. Why? Go and find out!



11 Read the text again and underline the correct answer, a, b or c.

1 Tuvalu is one of the smallest countries .

a) on our planet

b) in the Atlantic Ocean

c) less than 4 metres high

2 There are not many on Tuvalu.

a) beaches

b) palm trees

c) places to stay

3 The Rafflesia flower .

a) is heavy

b) has a beautiful smell

c) is very easy to find

4 People see a Rafflesia flower.

a) are unable to

b) think its lucky to

c) hardly ever

5 can make us happier people.

a) Being lucky

b) Our genes

c) Moving to a new house

6 To become happier you need to .

a) move to Europe

b) do things for other people

c) stop working




12 Match sentences 16 to notices AH. You do not need all the notices.

1 Children can swim for £2.50. _

2 Its cheaper to buy a shirt today.

3 You cant take your bags with you.

4 You dont have to pay for lunch for your
five-year old child in the afternoons.

5 You have to stop here.

6 You shouldnt speak in here.



Danger! Do not swim here.  
Lunch served 12.002.00    



Please be quiet in the exam room.
Swimming Pool Open evenings Adults £4.00 Children £2.50




Stop! Train crossing
8 each shirt. ONE DAY ONLY




Please leave bags at the desk
Children under six eat free 25p.m.




13 Find and correct one mistake in lines 18.


                  One of the most good films Ive ever saw is Fargo by the Coen brothers, Ethan and joel. It came out in 1996 and was a big success. Frances McDormand play   the police officer in the film and won the Oscar for Best Actress. Shes married to Joel in real life and has made six films with her husband. The Coens more successful film was No Country for Old Men with the spanish actor Javier Bardem. It come out in 2007 and wins four Oscars.     best   ____




14 Write a story beginning or ending with: Ill never go there again. Write 4060 words.




























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